Watch the road fade off

2000 yards off the coastline down at the base of Spain, the bottom of the great Andalucia, a dog in the distance just howled off at the sparkle sky, it’s a solitary sound in the lead up to the end of the night. Food everywhere followed by local wine everywhere the other dogs In the yard dont seem bothered by the laughing, smoking friends, one puppy smaller than the other, lying at each others side not needing heat in this night but looking for company, their ears flicker occasionally at the distant humming of the place.

Beyond the garden and gates there’s vans with surfer beds and a gravel road that goes two ways, one back to the sea and the other up to two small houses with candles in the windows, you can’t see for the blindness of a city life, covered in city lights you become forgetful and this is only a reality in the middle of nowhere and a place like this. Scary up the road it fades off into a blackness and the possibility of no easy dreams but a single nasty nightmare. The cloud rolls under a moon lit world and the fathers turn in their beds mumbling.

Hours pass by and there’s hope for a sunshine morning, the blooming of a scorching day, roses, breakfast and another day of washed away troubles.

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