Stay Calm with Jake McCabe


The only word that came to mind when I thought of Jake and his output as an individual, a graphic designer and then his choices as a sharp dressed man was ‘Brash’ or ‘Brazen’. A new set of forward driven and thinking professionals in a small city like Dublin are taking what is  norm around the ideas cloud and turning them upside down, they are unapologetic [like his cohort and love, Niamh] about their confidence and that could be exactly whats needed to move things along, shake it up, chin up, dress up and make a mark.

Things are stale, bring in the changes. Yet behind the drive is a classic story of a solid family that inspired him to make his own luck, literally with his hands he set the path to meeting up with the making of his future and for now that seems like a career in the visual and the idea, the obstacle and the win. This one will need two teas and two parts.

Part one

Part two

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