Stay Calm with Sharon Greene


Energy is a good starting word as opposed to bossy, and always constant. She didn’t leave when the rest went onto other worlds, it nearly happened mind but thankfully it didn’t. She stayed and set up shop, set up a LOT of shops and in turn reminded us of a tradition. The Dublin Flea market. Theres the previous life of geography and conservation of buildings, it was caring in disguise and you could see her sternly standing her ground saying yes I understand but no we need to restore this so that the next generations see the beauty and what it was like back then. Similarly she sees outside of the work as a small effort to create a culture, this is good for us, it’s maverick. Then theres Lola the Terrier-ish, queen of Synge street and also the Queen of Neon a party organisers group that make scarves and save your life. So much to do and so little time. How do you cope? Tea.

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