Even After All.

Only recently a friend commissioned a piece from the series on the handwriting angle and after there was a split with her bloke, she thought it better not to get the same piece as before, [they’d gotten a shared christmas gift of ‘Right place for you and me’] especially when it turned out the ex wasn’t handing the previous photo over too quickly, theres no point in looking back in that situation, move on, start again. So I tried to come up with some brand new ideas for her which coincidently fit right into the ongoing script of the Thisplace series. These shots all taken on Baggot street Dublin are near enough to the ladies new apartment near Merrion square, I had not shot this area before with its mix of old Georgian buildings and the newer seventies banking offices, a lot of the shots have also made their way into the Little White Lies series too, they are perfect as backgrounds to paint directly onto, they have space but as they were taken at night they have an erie atmosphere, maybe like a walk at night when you’re hungry and can’t sleep.

When-it's-nightglassEVEN-AFTER-ALLcall my nameBREAKING-UP

Cheeky that she went for Hello…you’re breaking up, working with DMC has helped make the background photos less complicated because we can add sprayed ideas later and that changes the tone of the work completely at the initial photographic stage, I can take more outtakes, photos that most of the time you might think don’t work but now they’re subtle and that means i can look out for a whole other set that can be used differently.


Noticing very clever new work just helps with the re-occurring feeling of uselessness and possible sufferage of DeadHead. This is only a new disease found in remote parts of Suburbia, places like Neilstown, Finglas east [These places are in Dublin] Hollyoaks [Not in Dublin] and a numerous list of destinations unknown where very little actually happens, maybe only animals. But certainly not New York, theres always shit happening there.

Oliver Jeffers, Mc Premo and Aaron Ruff here all make me sick with their excllent concepts, and witty lines, it’s lovely work, enjoy.