Five Missed Call Girls

Why would anyone who works late nights be in their right mind to get up at 7.30 in the morning, to go painting in a studio? Probably a friend of someone who needs to make work they promised another and hasn’t done it yet. It’s a case of panic, get into studio, do the work and get out before lunch. We’ve all been guilty of selling an idea quicker than making it. But DMC has a very early work ethic, he really does mean business this morning, Not good, I’m not used to this early startin’ with my DJ hat on but i do like the buzz from the coffee, seeing early people go about their lives beyond the rainy studio window and the smell of Montana 94’s.

I wanted to talk to him again about the missed call girls, it has been 3 years or so since i seen them first, I wondered what had happened to the idea in that time, how it had evolved and grown, maybe get the truth out of him of who they were really, and what was special about these five, maybe I’d get a free one.

The only way to do the morning justice this time was to record the sound of it and ask himself a few questions.


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