It’s not easy to write, it’s not easy to write work that’s important for a good reason. Sometimes you have to stop and I have for a while to take a look at other ways of working. Ways that I hope will eventually bear down on what I write and how it helps to define what I might do in the future. That might mean buy a dog. Organise a set of talks or Dj’s, It might mean go to a festival and it also might mean take a series of acting classes. I might not eat so much sugar as i used to but nonetheless do things outside the zone of easy. All help define the outcome of what might be creativity. For me mind, not you, I’m just telling you out straight, not hiding. it might help.

Honestly, say it honestly and be straight be trustworthy in all of the selfishness to be kind enough to learn from those others you mightn’t get on with but yet learn off. Do it straight and true and somehow it’ll give.




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