No Show


A list of things that happened and more importantly stuff that didnt happen.

Started sleeping better, sleeping earlier, less nightmares and more dreams about mermaids. Those ones you need tokens for

Learnt about double objectives for characters in a scene – subtext and not showing you already know but rather play it like its the first time – every bunjee jump is different – everytime you walk a city it’s changed.

Started taking up contact improv it’s like a mix between falling down and dancing with a French girl – I haven’t had the pleasures of a French girl yet – but I said I wouldn’t take off my shoes to reveal just my socks and I’ve done this

Also like the Chinese I have NO French friends, this is disturbing.

I have only taken this photo in over two weeks apart from some portraits and moving footage which is another weird drop off – its like I can’t cycle anymore.

I’m annoyed at myself that although I know lovely people I don’t necessarily want to have long chats with them risking insult – I feel like I talk too much and I make no sense. Also that I think I’m brilliant and this actually isn’t the case.

Money is dirty – I might start doing things for free.

I had forgotten about how good Chinese food is. On Sunday nights.

Mend bridges – even though they’re made of matchsticks and lies.

I miss Hill 16.

I’d like a Boston Terrier for a pal.
But settle for a king Charles.

Need more soup and juices, mangoes are really worth the effort.

Think it through twice before you mention the word ‘old’ in a sentence when talking to women. About ANYTHING.

Don’t hate the post office. They eventually retire and replace the lazy staff.

I might write another script about a family in the woods who don’t believe their son is an actual ghost.

Water myself.

Read more good books.

Stop looking at girls arses.
Or wishing on a star – they’re extremely far away.

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