Drift Backward

I can only begin to imagine what it’s like to eventually embrace the time to finally fade away. Where to think to go, why the place exists and will it resemble the image I have built up over the decades of it. I think like travelling, trainwise those people who simply cannot bear to be seated in the opposite direction to the way it’s travelling, the world moves forward for them but you actually retreat. All those trees and houses, all those lying down loving shifting in the morning shine.

Imagine the memory needed to remember it all, I can only recall some early important days, I can’t stuff all those lost ones in and like those whizzing by leaves and closed eyes, they’ll never be seen by me again.

Tragic loss that! I can’t fix it so like any normal person I breathe out and let it go, that could be the same way the end will arrive to me. And with closing eyes one last time the defocus fades to a long horizontal back and silence, glorious peace and quiet.

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