Frozen Planet

Sometimes for the sheer fun of it I’ll get straight out of bed and throw clothes and coat on like the place is on fire. The result can be a bit disconcerting, I’m a little drunk or stoned and woosy its like the first 30 seconds of cold water before the hot or you go down to the shops to get juice in cold trainers forgetting your socks ( I know very Un-Mod like )

So sometimes I see things I can’t comprehend, deceptions at first but when I rub the sleep out of my eyes I see clearly mirages turn into realities shimmers die and reveal concrete sublime back to normal. Yesterday was a perfect example. Whether it was the scene or my sleepy peepers, but someone broke up the remnants of some polystyrene foam on the street next to the flat and for half a second in that early sunshine it looked like I was walking on water and it was the north polar ice caps breaking up strewn and floating. Not to be, faintly in the distance I could hear Attenboroughs easy lament and the nasty traffic brings me back to life.



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