So those of you who know why this entire project started, I’ve bent the ears off some in my time [over a year now] talking about ‘Stay Calm’ and it’s hidden meanings of not being able to sleep through most nights so I invariably end up writing at those amnesiac times to help with this. The other way of getting better sleepy times is to get involved in taking photos of a horror comedy movie in locations such as Enniskerry, Rathgar Graveyards and a kids school in Cabinteely for 12 hour days, that’ll tire you out. being an upside there’s also a downside. Bad Dreams have made an appearance over the course, well that’ll learn you for hanging around a northern bad clown called Stit.ches or hanging around graveyards thinking you’re seeing and hearing things that aren’t really there.

I did hear raucous laughing on Cruagh Lane at 3 in the morning, but I bet it was one of the fantastic crew I worked with and not my earholes playing tricks on me. The dreams started involving longer strides around mucky knolls, weilding a blade of sorts and stabbing blondies that asked for Britney Spears instead of decent music that didn’t sound like coked off their heads chipmunks. also I noticed in the distance of these dreams a strange tricycle that was used in the movie. I can’t give away too much about this film just yet but the tricycle was ominous. You’ll be delighted to know I’ve returned to dreams of catching king crab off the coast of Alaska near the Bering sea. cold but happy.


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