The end of things

There won’t be any revolution anytime soon, the 50’s are gone and there are too many Spar and Centra shops in the city so no fear of a soup line breaking out. We won’t actually feel it until the real day hell freezes over and the movies that depict that will be referenced in old re runs on a TV still plugged into a derelict wall mid wasteland. I heard tonight that we have to forget about the ‘disaster’ that restarts our crap existence as it won’t ever happen but instead a new thought process must occur where we radically re-think our next move that simply involves each of us being actually nice to each other, call each other, remember we made mistakes and say our sorries and get on with it. There also might be the idea that street protests that serve as a trend will disappear when the cold weather drops. The powers in charge are laughing in their black out windows, replace them.

The nature of revolt will have to turn around, it will involve us saying absolutely no to the way things are and recreate a new world for ourselves that that doesn’t involve violence in the normal sense but a new violence, no taxes paid, hacking, shit stirring Wikileaks and maybe actually telling people what you really feel about them / ‘all you do is talk about your shit and I really hate your fucking nonsense- shut up! For once!”

Instead of shooting kids on an island stop a racist in the shop giving grief to an Asian behind the counter, talk to that woman on the bus about her day and there’s a good chance you had it much easier.



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