Contemporary Dublin

I’m sure others feel the same, we could start with those comfortable people in the cafe today, like the place was there years! but until recently Earlsfort Terrace previously housed classrooms and what seems like a classic Georgian college, UCD. I’ve seen signs that point towards medical studies, engineering. Silent now I can feel learning still in the walls, there is a scent of it in some places and confirmation too looking out the windows.

I have been reminded though about my own days in school, not good days, strange days of silence and bully stares but even so I know that amid these ghosts here we haven’t seen, they must be impressed by all this intervention, the ideas, the gestures, razor wire, ferris wheel, writing on the wall, the Squids ink. Blown away I walked the long halls seen every rooms offering and wonder only one thing – I deserve this, I’m from Dublin, a great town and I deserve this now in my days. Why can’t this be for all time? why do I think everything else is boring?

Always looking for a place to rest, work out the problems of my day, I’ll have to go back many more times and still I’ll only scratch the surface.














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