Smile you’re DEAD

A siren went off in the city today and no-one noticed a second of it, some kid was interviewed on the wall of a playground obviously just 15 and drunk to his edge, the news man said listen that floods coming, you better pack up, he just glazed over and smiled stoned immaculate “Really?” They all start running when the smoke bellows over the streets, its not smoke either its that 9/11 ash, the air is full of remains ash, that photocopy of a missing person ash. So when out of nowhere the risen water over your chin has a guy paddling by in a canoe taken from the Great Outdoors don’t stare over at me in the hallway looking for help when all we heard at your apartment were noisy drunk friends slapping each other to get to the CD player first. Trying to ply us with their selection of shit. It’s over here’s a sign, leave for high ground and forget that expensive car.

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