I don’t believe Louis Walsh

Now don’t get me wrong, I DO appreciate the hard work any charity does, although is it true that most donations make it into administration accounts? but especially I admire anyone who works on behalf of kids or the homeless, those are the heaviest that need the most help. But I’m sure those in Dublin reading this would have noticed ISPCC posters around town featuring Louis Walsh and his flock of seagulls and wondered what wisdom was used in the choices made.

I don’t believe anything Louis Walsh says, in fact I would be fearless in saying his contribution to music culture in our history has been questionable.

When he appears on posters around the city battered by a peer ( completely misplaced idea ) and representing these children who suffer great trials, Louis I doubt has suffered much in his camp airtight bubble and this lame effort seems to be saying more about him than getting a sincere message across to the viewer, I think he’s apologising for the aforementioned contribution with the likes of his support in creating similar abusive monsters in Jedward and previous incarnations posing as musical nonsense which aren’t worth mentioning. Instead of unbelievable make up and glamour pigs why not photograph ACTUAL children for whom the charity represents. Not necessarily victims but realistic people, truthful individuals who actually live on the planet and not inside second hand changing rooms in the 02. What about a set of photographs of asshole classmates who were heavy handed back in the 70’s and 80’s – we all remember them!

But overall I think this campaign might annoy more people than help, it’s obvious that Walsh had a hand in looking after his client with a couple of phone calls and it reminds me of the RTE documentary about Charity Queens which sickened me in it’s gloss nasty attitude that only connected famous individuals are allowed to clear their rotten conscience by throwing charity balls and not liking it when real people do it with heart.

High society fame and unfortunate doesn’t mix with real struggle and the breadline, maybe we need these z – listers to get the message across, I say contribute properly with respect or get lost.


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