There’s no such thing as society

Sadly I thought for some years now the music industry and to a larger degree media, TV, anything that bows to the needs of advertising men and large women, had slowly but surely replaced the human spirit to rebel against the will to create a culture that stood for something but in it’s place champion heroes like John Terry, Amanda Brunker, Kanye West and Jordan (not the river), god forbid we would need these type A lunatics to speak on our behalf in a time of need. Worse again for us Irish we systematically voted in these kind of people, ushered them gladly into our seats of government hoping they spoke well for us and not like hip hop footballing breast laden morons get paid or die trying – if anyone should be looting the streets of value and high rents it’s us Irish. But anger on the streets like we’ve seen lately can’t be ignored so easily and racism yet again raises it’s tired old head, recently I have started reading the history of Reggae in the UK – Tighten Up by Michael De Koningh & Marc Griffiths and straight away the story has sadness, it was a result of the British Empire that seen Jamaicans make for the motherland and better lives but on arrival met with bigotry and distaste with the only memory of the early fifties worth writing about was their influence on music that came from that time.

I think of Junior Murvins Police and Thieves or The Specials, Ghostown having some poignancy now even after all the years gone by but they’ve been replaced with a horrible new representation, queues for X Factor auditions, ex boxer flirtations of Dizzie Rascal and stateside thicks like Ne-yo. Not real music just a false economy of “Getting paid, getting laid” Yes no-one wants that fear of crime in their home but you cannot ignore dissatisfied disaffected youth, you cannot shoot them and then ignore them, who could blame them, they need new heroes, people who can win on their own terms strong educated clever versions of people who won’t continuously get overlooked due to false idols who pretend to be your closest family members but are actually in fact awful sugar drinks and take away polystyrene remains. Fake tan means cover that up! hiding because your perceived existence isn’t worthy. What are we teaching these kids?

There I was thinking there was nothing to fight for except getting Irish people to notice how awful Irish radio is or that we’re getting ripped off by those pannini makers who also drive taxis, it’s like the Thatcher years again except the vast majority of Dubliners under a certain age would struggle to remember those riots against poll tax or the miners striking up north.

Happy people don’t riot! We haven’t learned any lessons, most music will always be shit and we only really care about ourselves so fuck everyone else. Very distressing unless I’ve missed some glimmer of hope.

In hindsight now I have thought that maybe one of these lunatic kids could have had the foresight to use those cans of yellow they’re fond of and written somewhere prominently the words “Change it” maybe on the side of a government building or on an MP’s black Jaguar, but no, no such orginisation. And with all those talking heads on Sky, Channel 4 or BBC not one journalist got an interview with one of these kids, try get into their heads, if they’re morons like everyone says then they’d be found out but imagine if there was an articulate response from London youth that confirmed all these fears that a rage was beginning and it will stop when the greed stops, the wealth shifted and they had a glimpse at a life better, ahead.





One thought on “There’s no such thing as society

  1. ” Fake tan means cover that up! hiding because your perceived existence isn’t worthy. What are we teaching these kids?” – So true.

    I’d also say the education divide in the UK is really playing havoc on their society. It is not strong.

    Why hasn’t Ireland rioted, are we more reserved then the English?

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