Ever since I heard about Switzerland in school the images of those alpine vistas, ponytailed milkmaids, 007 and that white cross in the red box, I’ve fascinated over this place for years.

Although set in Prague another gunsmith Michael Caine starred in the Ipcress File sometime around the sixties and with his mac coat and horn rimmed glasses, coffee skills and slick kills, I thought that Zurich not the capital city of Switzerland by the way, must look like this when it snows, the tram lines stick out from the flakey snow white a dark man on the corner. It’s a spy town surely. Yes I have been here when it was minus 20 degrees up the mountains and breathing out solidifies but most times I’ve made it here it’s been balmy warm and sunny.

Last night after a dj set at ‘Exile’ a hook up through my Swiss contact Stephen, I cycling through the west side passing Hardplatz, Silhquai, Seebahnstrasse all very Bourne identity names, all clean and electro neon flouro and long range distant lighting, it’s too much like some futuristic existence to get lost in.

When I leave here the memory of the places burn in the mind and thankfully I have a cache of photography to look back on.



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