Aisle seat

Only recently after a couple of days in London I’m back in the airport out to home and doing what everyone does in any busy airport and that’s wait till the tannoy goes off. annoyingly I drift watching the people line up like baby lambs, I’m tired and distracted, I have to shake myself out of it and notice everyone queueing for an Aer Lingus flight that had designated seating, very strange.

Unlike say a Ryanair flight that you can pay extra to get on first, first come first served. Dogs and days. There’s a sense if you’re not in with your extra money you cannot win. Rubbish, so back to our current situation, It’s not like there’s no seats for people to rest on or that you’ll get on early because your at the front of the pushing people, it doesn’t matter either way unless you have a baby or the number of the seat that you picked yourself at check in or online.

Surely thats democratic, surely thats sensible, but I don’t know about anyone else around me I think the fact is that mean greedy airlines like Ryanair have taught us to be obedient and line up quietly for substandard overpriced and over subsidised flights, nevermind the random selection of undersized oversized carry on and the depressing fact that we want these services rageful as they are, their ways sadly drift over to our national airlines, it has changed the way transport is and their operation, it doesn’t matter how different they might think they are things like this fall into sad patterns because of the continous influence by the masses ideal.





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