Paddy & Janet

Saturday nights wouldn’t be the same without Paddy & Janet. They visit regularly on their pub crawling through Wexford street and one of their local haunts is SOLAS, they sit on their own most of the time happy in themselves among a younger set that drifts into the city and pays no heed to them, those that do whisper to themselves that they look a little strange here, out of place, but I know otherwise, I see them mill around, shuffle to the soul and reggae numbers I squeeze into the long sets and I think their story goes beyond all of these kids. They’ve seen the world change a few times and maybe on their travels originally to the Carribbean and the British isles, maybe Paddy met Janet when he was on the boats! A lone sailor- A true love story. Some day soon I’ll ask them and try get more of the lowdown, in the meantime they add colour to the endless plethora of eighties girls and moronic rugby boys.
They help us through the night, if they like it then maybe it has substance.


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