INK – A long way to Tipperary.

You might have remembered last year and my Ink sojourn in Temple Bars Print Gallery, there was my Mam who I think was a little bit freaked out by the whole thing [ I know I was], a whole host of friends turned up to show support, RTE did a thing, bits of press here and there and overall I think a great deal of people really liked the show, I thought it took on a life of it’s own and was happy to sail along with it’s current out to sea. Unfortunately one of the only heads not to see the show in Dublin was Philip McCarthy pictured here on the invite for the Tipperary show last week. I’m partially writing this post to get to him a message that he’s got to be there for the 19th in Nenagh [featured here in this interview i did for Lyric on RTE with Regan Hutchins]

Also I went down there to South Tipp arts centre to meet the brilliant Ronnie, He runs the centre and I’d had a couple of chats with him previously on the phone and he sounded interesting also to meet up with two possible candidates for extra pictures to make the show expand a little, add some more life to it and if in its travels it stayed the same, it wouldn’t be the same. And yes did I meet two amazing candidates, Adrian Doyle with his Serial Killers collection [YES SERIAL KILLERS] And Jackie O’ Dwyer who had just worked like the rest of this nation, all over the UK on building sites throughout the 60’s [He told me where we were taking these actual photos was a bus station and it was there that he got the bus to London the first time] strange but interesting meetings, worth the 8 hours on 3 buses. I’ll be doing it all again for the love of Nenagh and of course Bealtaine. Hopefully after these shots I won’t get a comment like ‘Tame’ in the register book. They sure have a new life of their own, show me better on a 60 year old!!

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