An Post – We deliver less

To some people this photograph might be a little confusing, to me this photograph is baffling! I remember being sick and tired of seeing our postal systems adverts on tv saying “We deliver more” and implied was a renewed energy to get your “Internet Shopping” to you faster like the wind!

Well I’m delighted that these adverts no longer run. And even if they did I don’t think they would feature any hint of what the reality is! These are collection slips behind a screen at my ‘not’ so local post collection office, when a parcel or package bigger than a normal envelope cannot ( or will not ) be delivered the post deliver these instead, even though you’ve paid full postage for your item if it’s too big it won’t leave the collection office at all and you’ll get a sympathetic slip of paper ( like the hundred or so here at 12.30 in the afternoon ) telling you to collect your own post. Their argument is that “You weren’t in” and my answer is that “I work from home – you never ring the bell to ask me to sign for post – because it never leaves the office” it’s very simple you just press bell then 0004 and I’ll answer and come down to meet you. In such rage I once ordered 30 flat packed moving boxes off EBAY ( which I don’t use as much ) and they never turned up! Who could blame them there’s no need to move so quickly wearing a monopoly uniform.

I’ve also been tempted to calculate all the postage I’ve paid for on every item undelivered and stick it on an invoice and as soon as I’ve signed for my copy of Salman Rushdies Satanic Verses, I hand the invoice over plus VAT of course and say “Give that to your manager when he’s finished his tea”

The GPO ( General Post Office – yeah! the 1916 rising ) said if you have a complaint you need to complain to the manager of the people you’re complaining about

Anyone else feeling the RAGE?


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