To Commemorate Her

I can only imagine the faces of the men and women the day these windows were unveiled, heavy embroidery, wigs and silk insides. The history of this Dublin town and this beautiful part of it, these individuals made their mark, builders dreamers caring types. looking down towards the farms now long gone and replaced with hideous concrete – we were and still are a town of sorts and here was the place soldiers retired – from 1684 this Royal Hospital Kilmainham was a respite, alongside the huge areas outside, quiet and peaceful, here pictured are the windows of the chapel, I’m sure some copius amounts of fine wine was lowered in the honour of a Christian faith, the stain glass makers in some side street their fingers cut and bleeding but now only soft song from lilting choristers and the sun drifting through to warm the injured hearts. I pretend to be of that time when I place my hands on the dark old wood but for me now this is my chariot and only a cardinals chair.






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