How are you today?

Listen I don’t mean to be presumptuous but I’ve fancied you for years! Any chance we could get a coffee and have a talk about whatever you feel like?”No” -She didn’t even look at me! “That’s kinda rude- what about lookin after the meek shall inherit the Earth and all that?” she’s still stoney- “Can’t you see I’m a little bit busy at the moment!”
Oh no this is awful awkward – some peole have tattoos of Julia Roberts or wishes to travel back in time to meet Audrey go lightly, me it’s Liberty. She’s got great eyes, she’s seen the world and anyone who’s anyone has flocked to her feet, could you blame me, this was my one and only chance to try get a chat on. No, just plain and simple, I walked away and told myself there was nothing I could do, it was just one of those things, not your fault chalk it down to experience and thank the lord above you even got close.



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