New feet made by Penguin

With a legacy starting in Minneapolis around 1955, Penguin and Munsingwear created the first beautifully designed golf shirt revolutionizing these type of tops and changing the breast pocket over to the other side to accommodate the professional swing, their $5.00 shirts caught on and were adorned by Nixon, Bob Hope, Arnold Palmer, Frank Sinatra and a host of smooth players, summing up a sense of cool way ahead of others with it’s piping around the cuffs and collars that made their wearing stylish and desired.

The elite time for the Mods worldwide was just beginning and Penguin alongside Levi Strauss and Fred Perry
were the essentials for a look worthwhile, especially on the back of a Vespa or Lambretta, you had to look your best
and nothing less. This Christmas was a lovely clean Mod Christmas for me with some excellent things at the bottom of a great tree, the missus laid it on thick this year with a great book by Stewart Lee some lovely smelling Isse Miyaki and a nice box that bore that classic emblem aboard a neatly packaged box, in good card with brass hinge studs this was something different something special. Inside three nice pairs of socks looking already very warm, looking very clean and very very cool.

Although stripes can be overbearing (Totally Black and White animal) there is nothing wrong with flashes of colour to add that little extra to your dancing feet although it’ll be a secret hidden under those Dr Martens – keep it to yourself on the new info that I’m wearing colours, I don’t want the word going round I’m wearing stylish threads when we’re supposed to be in the middle of a tough spell.
Lovely business you’ll agree!

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