X Factor is Shit, Right?

I have to ask “How long is this thing gonna go on for?” I remember it ran for only 3 weeks at the start right? didn’t it take a lot less time to conclude this emotional Porno session ‘Back in the Day’

What’s really distressing me terribly is that I’m the first to shout out that “I wouldn’t watch that even if it meant i didn’t have to saw my own fucking leg off” and because the Missus has accidentally on purposely switched on whilst I’m comfortable and I couldn’t be bothered to get up, I’m strangely saddened by it all, like i was when I seen that maternity series ‘One Born Every Minute’ which had me both in tears and annoyed that it had finished so quickly.

I feel the same way about poor Mary, sitting there at her till in a couple of weeks, back at her job after getting voted out this week because she doesn’t look like 4 Chipmunks who do back flips when you give them a packet of Space Raiders. Or will she end up on the Ferries singing back and forth for her Turkey dinner to the France singing Tom Jones numbers…unless she gets to sing with him next week and he proposes!!! otherwise I feel sorry for her and thats not because she’s from Dublin but that the Tesco kept paying her! Brilliant that they supported her all the way whilst putting smaller independent shops out of business across the country. But nonetheless I might not be watching this advertisers dream junket as it unfolds [sticking to my guns] but I’ll be hoping Mary rolls over those primates with a rousing version of Mustang Sally followed by an OLE OLE OLE reprise to swing that nasty crowd. There’s no going back to Tesco Mary!! they sold your seat from the till on Ebay.

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