Easy for You to say.

What if she killed my dog, threw all my favourite records out onto the concrete street and not the grass where they might have a better chance of surviving, What about the boss man that keeps slapping asses and trying to tell old jokes again and over again. That crap woman who shouts her order everyday and you know she’s not deaf, she can certainly make the bus in time, she can move when she needs to, she ain’t that old. Easy for you to say if you were the bully in school and not on the receiving end of the scorn from them, because you didn’t hold grudges that just annoyed them more, because you laughed at them when they told those shit jokes over and over and you had a more open idea about music and not a concrete ideal unwilling to listen to something different. Tough this ignorance is bliss business, it might be the geeky glasses that brought all this down on our heads.

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