The Revolution (Will be designed using 72 point Helvetica Neue Ultra Light)

The blood is beginning to boil a little with the constant bombardment of a news feed from all angles telling us the real wolves are coming today. Wondering what hat to wear instead of a flat cloth cap that a young printing press junior in Leningrad would have possibly adorned, I feel a revolutionary poster coming on that features the image of an overweight hairy man licking his lips on camera as he describes the list of lovely food he had for his dinner as opposed to the Oxtail soup you just had. “Oh no we never said that” would be my first words in a nice clean a3 poster followed by the aforementioned image of the hairy clown. I’m only putting what skills I have to work

Yes! nice and clean design copied by 50 posters and plastered around the city – a simple fuck you to the man- but like the millions who will ‘actually’ buy Blair and Bush’s diaries there’s a problem! No one gives a shit.

No one gives a care because no one is bothered anymore about listening to what they think, numbingly it’s like a massive speech that rambles on till the answer required from the question gets so diluted with mush we’ve actually forgotten the question – like when a taxi driver takes us away from the route so quickly in an effort to make extra money we’re embarrassed to say anything and we think it less hassle to stay in the car rather than get out of it and start again.
Why do we think this way?
Why not complain like the Yanks do or support those poor students who actually got cracked across the head by that man telling us about his dinner.

There’s hope though, the old guard that needs a big holiday are sitting in their massage chairs having their coffee made for them by leggy assistants and as they add more sugar they dream of their large unpaid for cars which annoyingly they are finding it more hard to park in spaces in underground carparks now being more cluttered by the increase in bicycles. Design & Print that.

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