Not on the Streets – Thank God.

I think I’ve been waiting for this project for a long time, maybe all my life actually. Working with Maser himself and a quiet enigmatic Damien Dempsey on their project THEY ARE US for the Simon Community has been a few months now, turning up at the different locations around the city, always trying to shoot it in different ways, tell a story, be honest and be diligent, slick and memorable as the days passed. The words grew stronger and bigger in some cases all the way up to 9 stories of a condemned building in Ballymun, a sad place, a great place, a heavy Sky. the show went up fairly quickly, early and looking slick off bare concrete walls, the screen prints on vintage Guinness stock they used to print those “Good for you” adverts on, and boys late last night where cleaning up and delivering the 600 – 1000 empty cans used in the whole project as a reminder of how many hands bled, well got cramp for the homeless of my city, your city, look after it city. I did shed a tear and will again on this long lovely job, proud that i think my father would have shed a tear too, “Come here son…i want to talk to you! – you see what you’ve done here…Its a great thing…I’m very proud of you” He would say as long as your not sweeping the streets, just get a job, work hard – play hard, and you’ll be Dead a long time. Not on the streets – Thank God.

Subsequently Damien Dempsey just said “That’s a great coat- how much did that set you back”

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