Dirty Laundry

Very nice to be asked to participate in a Steve Doogan project, His idea is to air out secrets and possible Dirty Laundry, ideas that mar you’re character, maybe sides to personalities that don’t get a mention that often, here’s my piece and running with how much i hate [and Love] Dublin City I’ve decided that like most relationships that take a great deal of work i remember hearing in the old house a mother shout at a father “You drive me up the Fuckin’ wall” i think there were harboured emotions back then that didn’t see the light of day till the explosion time. by then it was all too late – like its too late when you might see me on O’Connell bridge staring at the new hideous Nokia sign where the old school Baileys sign was, so much a part of Dublins look gone now and dead for ever, replaced by the onslaught of consumerism we seem to be very happy with. I’ll be muttering under my breath “Fuckin’ Jesus Christ, What next!” Many thanks to South Studios twice this year for having a piece of work and many thanks to Steve for asking to get involved…great…i feel much betteror getting that off my chest.

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