Nialls Weeney WERKs

I think over the course of 4 days in and amongst the Picnic [he said he only went out once to see Marc Almond]
Niall Sweeney lost his mind. evidence of this came when we had a conversation about Neil Watkins and his Heidi Konnt performance and decided that even though like Neil [and the rest of us from THISISPOPBABY ] he didn’t get much sleep, Niall said “He was on Fire – Because i think i may have set him on Fire” – I’ve been laughing since.

Nialls colourful vision working alongside Jenny Jennings and Philly McMahon has spurned a late night club called WERK where i had the privlege to show my own work with some live handwriting alongside some manic performances over the course of the festival but also running monthly at the Peacock off Abbey, they have gained a reputation for themselves as maverick theatre / performance producers and it reminded me that sometimes you can do wonderful madness in the midst of boring banal days and make it through to the other side.

He [ and all the POPBABY crew ] are quintessential Dublin,
pity he lives in London now, we miss that endless energy and catalystic-ness  turn sometimes                                                                                                                                                      [ You might also remember PowderBubble, GAG..YEAH that was him too ].

But i know there are those lurking backstage waiting to explode and he may yet return to lead the troops onto another foray soon.

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