William Tierney

Leaving his home on Kirwan street Northside Dublin he went and served in the British Army around the time of the first world war, It wasn’t uncommon for Irishmen to serve in this army and some Irishmen went fairly high up in the commands over the years, I’ve heard he came back to Dublin around 1918 – 1920 [Yes he survived the war] and got involved with the civil war that happened on the streets of Dublin / Cogadh Cathartha na hÉireann; 28 June 1922 – 24 May 1923, all whilst i have evidence he worked in St Stephens green gardens probably as a propagator or labourer, here above are the wages log for Stephens green gardens for 1921 -1922 kindly supplied to me by Valerie Ingram at the Office of Public works and he is listed as working right through the lead up to this civil war but co-incidently the wages log stops on the first of April two weeks before Rory O’ Connor attacked the Four Courts, I wonder was William Tierney directly involved in the business and not just a bystander but a real fighter, surely if he had already been a soldier in the British army he must have had felt some patriotism, how did he feel about the situation?… I intend to find out.

William Tierney was my Great Grandfather.

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