Distant Ice Cream Van

Those little kids with their 50p’s are running at full speed some have grazed knees & jam still on their hands, in the far behind, mothers with folded arms are screaming blue, the day is easing out and those clouds coming in are cooling the evening.
The grass cut and scenting on the wind also carries the bells of the Whippy man, up the road and around the corner, you have only 30 seconds to get to him coz if nobody else is buying he’ll drive off and you’ve missed your chance. There’s always tomorrow for a 99 but we want Ice Cream today if at all possible and I want that memory sound on the wind forever.

One thought on “Distant Ice Cream Van

  1. add to this the intermittent smell of charcoal. this memory is so much part my own psyche.. the way the sound of the ice cream van fades in and out as it’s sound is carried down adjacent roads by the air, and pitches slightly as it dopplers past. will you get to see it ? not unless you run boy, run.

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