The Brazilians

Jesus Christ I can’t believe it, the silence. They must have drunk so much they’ve fallen asleep. No generalizations here but I’m having trouble with the Brazilians across the hall in our apartment block. Why the fuck do they have to shout at each other in a one bed apartment, and then they’re not shouting they’re fucking singing or laughing, shut the fuck up!

Why do people do that, stop it, stop shouting at each other in the street its rude!! And flip flops, what’s the fucking story there? It’s like freezing and lashing rain in town and I seen the two girls with their rolled up tracksuits ( green and yellow ) their little bellies full of pizza walking up the street with six cans each and flip flops.

Oh and yeah they recognized me from banging their door down one night and half- heartedly said something by way of a grimaced smiled hello, then stopped- in hushed portuguese “oh no it’s that asshole across the hall in that stupid hat”- yeah that’s me alright, stupid sugar tits!

Yeah flip flops, slapping, clapping,
I can hear them through the walls and on the wooden floorboards.
Really there’s no need for sunglasses when’s it grey black and eight in the evening, what? You’re signing on illegally? What? On the run from limericks finest? Oh no- Owe the post office two tv licenses or is it a religious thing in Sao Paolo? Honestly it’s either you or your equally noisy couch surfing traveller friends, too long and hairy delivering those pizza flyers for a living or cycling a fixed wheel neon spectacle of a bike … Yeah you…quit the fucking shouting and keep yourselves and your polish cans of lager to the inside of your rent allowance crack den, you and your smell of pizza wearing flip flops.

3 thoughts on “The Brazilians

  1. What kinda pizza do those flip flops smell like? is it the aldi 4 for 2 euro kind? or a goodfellas friday night feast? If it’s the latter i’d give them the benefit of doubt, rob 2 cans, and a pair of ear plugs and you’ll be sorted!!

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