John Gunn

It would be awfully sad to think that people walk by not noticing this mini institution on Wexford street in Dublin. Smack in the middle of the village area of the city he was originally known for his expertise in model railways and then later for his photographic knowledge. Himself and the wife Louise, their two daughters with sometimes their babes in prams run this small hub for allsorts of photographers – digital and film are both catered for, you can get flash cards aswell as pearl photo paper and developing liquids, sometimes second hand cameras and the odd enlarger beside the fridge of films , it’s never empty this place, and when it is, that means the shutters are down and they’re gone on holidays – very rare these days for a shop to do this.
I’ve been in early sometimes and he’d be reading the old testament to pass the time, it just sums him up completely, in a modern small town like ours some things thankfully remain the same. I’d be lost without them.

4 thoughts on “John Gunn

  1. Best photo shop in Dublin run by people for the love of it. I was in one time to get a few b+w films developed. They offered to sell me the tanks and reels to develop my film myself, instead of just taking my film, name and number. I have a darkroom at home, and have developed plenty of film in my time, but the negs I got back from Gunns surpasses my own dusty watermarked negs every time! I’ll let them develop the negs and instead browse through the paper, wondering how I can justify the box of 20*24 warmtoned fb paper in its lovely brown box, then buy the 8*10 rc instead …

  2. I was there a few years back in order to purchase a light bulb for my slide-projector, not something to be had that easily.
    Do you think he’s related to Ben Gunn of Treasure Island?

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