Kodachrome days are over

With sadness in the heart we talked it over, Kodachrome as a name, an era and a beautiful look drifted away from the shops with those bright yellow signs on street corners and into a new cold world where the colour has faded like words off a page and onto a screen. When I say we, it was me and my new older brother Glen E Friedman. He’d said before his trip to Dublin and Belfast that he had only a few rolls left of this luxurious film and thought why not bring some. With an expiration date of 2007 and the last rolls being produced in 2004, he decided that I should have this roll of 200 Asa and that I should shoot something incredible on it taking care not to waste it.
The pressures on as he says it’s got to be developed by December and only one place in Kansas can take it and do it justice.
There’s nothing worse than time and pressure to stop the flow of ideas, bet if stop thinking about it something will come to me.

3 thoughts on “Kodachrome days are over

  1. Sad alright, but that’s the nature of free enterprise. I remember there used to be a lab in New York City that not only independently processed Kodachrome but were apparently able to push and pull it.
    Anyway, with regard to possible subject matter why not shoot 36 different slides?
    Here’s a good one.

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