The Twister

Trying to explain to people what I’m doing at the moment is simply put by telling them I’m inside a twister. It was one thing after another listing everything that had to be organised and put into place. It was like cooking the greatest stew. As a result I really like the show and the chance to speak about photos I know so well with Glen e Friedman himself was the best 45 mins so far in this whirlwind of times. …..well apart from first dates and the opening sequence to Blade Runner it was too quick in passing, it was scary, funny, historic.

Glen E Friedman has managed to make a good deal of new friends with his forthright New York style and wooed the hearts with honesty and backbone.
It’s been some experience and a dinner at home with our good friend Greg Dunn ( who took this photo ) was a funny interesting battle of stories, like the “who would you have at dinner- best 5 situation” Really interesting.

I think for his first visit to Dublin he’s liked the city and we’ve walked it even in the rain seeing a different way of life than ‘way too humid’ Manhattan, I too get to see the place in another way through the visitors eyes, which is the ultimate I think in keeping an eye on your own place.

With the endless stories and ways of living, it’s been emotional and a sharp learning curve inside his 5 day visit, but I knew this would happen, i wanted to find out new things from this most experienced of photographers and we haven’t even been to Belfast yet, God knows what we’ll see and learn there.

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