Fuck off Ernie Els

I know it’s not his fault but every time I see his stupid fucking mug I want to get sick into his golf bag! When I lost my bags on the way to Austrailia it took me fucking hours to get Quantas the baggage handler to agree to pay for my replacement clothes, I had to sit in their fucking sweltering offices staring at this fuckers fat face on the wall as he was sponsored by SAP ( an actual Sap ) and he had signed the photo on the boring wall for the girls in the office, arseholes, they didn’t want to pay me, I know it and I bet Ernie wouldn’t have to go back to them three days in a row looking for his golf bags when they decided to send them to fucking Thailand, they’d be found pretty quickly seeing as he’s top priority and all that business class shit. Never fly fly Thai. Or hope quantas can help find your missing kidney, fuck off Ernie Els US Open prick.

4 thoughts on “Fuck off Ernie Els

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