Deadliest Catch

With those rolling seas I get sick looking, then what about the lonliest of men out there, those hard words like Wheelhouse, Bering, strings of pots, Maverick and the Cornelia Marie. The cold water deep and rivalries of crew and waves, it’s the wives they never talk about, just the solitary crab men. You feel sorry and cold for them but 90,000 kilos of crab for 400,000 dollars is good working pay for a freezing trip and nearly getting washed over.

There’s much comfort in watching them from here, they really are built and born for it, a life passed down by the fathers and fathers before them. Harder men than me that work pink hands tirelessly, for all those pots need tying up with chains and some of those hemingways wear no gloves going home to Dutch Harbour frozen.

I love this shot of Phil Harris who sadly passed away only recently, he was the skipper of the Cornelia Marie the hardest of them all.

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