The Policy of Truth

Oh yeah, me and my big mouth. I do remember having a chat with Ma many years ago, the heated exchange did end in a similar statement to “So can’t you not just be like everyone else” Even writing that down seems conceited and full of itself, but ever since school I’ve had a glint in the eye.
I always remember doing that cliche in films were the child stares out the steamed up windows at a grey sky fairly sure that some long winded legend had just killed himself in agony.

There’s a reocurring trend with these lone sharpies and that’s having a difference of opinion on almost everything, earlier around 14 I was treated for being a compulsive liar with sessions of those ink drawings and Indian doctors asking funny questions, it worked, I’m fine now, I try not to decieve and only defer to save from hurting someones feelings. But I recently fixed a moment in my life that involved something I can’t sometimes control and that’s my big mouth. Stupidly and terribly I say things without thinking and regret so much later on when they have drastic results. I’m learning though, I’m getting better in my late late thirties and stopping to think before speaking even when apologizing has helped my day go by a little easier and hopefully still with that ability to be a little different and interesting, good for keeping friends and not making strange.

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