Getting on – Trying to be honest.

So after a mad week of getting INK on the walls, Printed and framed properly, heres the audio and video slideshow myself and Dominic Campbell worked on together,

Meeting Terry Hall from the Specials in my local pub, that was a bit strange…we talked though about using film as opposed to a digital camera, he said with the new kid we like taking proper photos and getting them developed in the local “Happy Snaps place” i’m not one for meeting heroes but he restored my faith in the idea of going backwards to eventually go forwards…very Modern.

It seems like there wasn’t much time, ever. It feels like the hours go by with a rapidity that scares me a little, but you get on with it, you say yes to the next steps forward, My Uncle Michael passed on who was a swell 83, I remember himself and his late wife Marie always dancing and laughing, they were also my god-parents too, taking me to places and staying over in their Deanstown road abode on the Northside, it again seems like a hundred years ago but with an added super 8 memory, intact.

Still working with Maser on ‘They Are Us’ which is beginning to get some flak in the press for not knowing what it is, [according to them] Is it Vandalism or is it Art. Fuck off – we know what it is!! – It’s the truth. Very soon people will see a new work from him and the series on the side of Ballymuns last remaining towers, maybe Plunkett house, not confirmed but it’s getting to the stage where we are talking about the book already, Designed by the crew that worked on a couple of Candy’s for me, Keith Nally et al will be doing some clean work no doubt. Over pints the team is thinking also of being official, calling themselves Crooked Type, i think i might be the “Photography branch” which would be a great honour in itself. I can’t wait to see the launch exhibition in September…i’ll let you know.

I’m headlong in on the project that is Glen E. Friedman, just looking now at press for his show on the 8th of July this year and I’ve already seen 40+ amazing photographs from him, plus the poster which doesn’t look bad [below] and of course I’m showing ‘Instrument’ from Fugazi as a part of the evenings proceedings. It’ll be the first time he’s ever been to Dublin, so to get him here and see his reaction to our small but compact city will be something to look forward to.

the beat goes on.

One thought on “Getting on – Trying to be honest.

  1. Good post Aidan. Would like to get to that Friedman opening on July 8th, but unfortunately unlikely to be able to. Great photography, great music!

    – Rory

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