Big cities like London have a history you might be afraid of, many millions of notable characters exist there now, you won’t be remembered whilst many others have left their mark, adding to an already legendary status some more weight to it’s stature. It’s a place ideal for dropping into, catch a fire, eat, drink and dance in numerous holes and rooms, old and new ancient darkly and newly brightly lit. How to get to all these thunderous places?

My personal favourite essential although most who live here hate, is the ‘Tube’ system which in the great war saved thousands of families from sudden death, was and always will be the artery works that connects londoners together.
It may seem weird to those who know it better but I smell romance down here, mad right? others are silent with no eye contact they think it stinks but like New Yorks subway it has a fragrance of it’s own, steel, rubber, oil and dust, circle red and blue band, it stinks of London town is burning down. And the flow of everything is alive down here. People on, people off, bags, Walkmans, gaps and sliding doors, Indians, Pakistanis, English, Chinese Russians Africans and one definite Irish, all great creeds.

Amid the people just trying to get on, trying to get home you might wait here for evermore and see the world in turn.

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