Michael C. Place (Insert expletives here)

I know some people talk about him with a reverence associated with full forwards on 30+ unassisted goals a season or there’s that thought in my head that he’s no different (with the exception of the North Face jacket) to those monks who worked on the book of Kells, they were ale’d up surely to the red nose but equally dilligent and hard-working, highly detailed and littered with hidden references.
Even though his work is ultra-sophisticated with a twist of the northern it’s a world beyond this that has these other devotees chomping at the bit on what Michaels done lately.

Oh yes the Getty stuff and Pritt and those fucking amazing framed pieces with Commonwealth in Brooklyn, Nike, Tims new site, his great relationship with Gary Husvit on both Helvetica and Objectified which just produced excellent inspiring results. Modern life is indeed rubbish but musically before we ever met I remember ‘Kneel before Zod’ and ‘Autechre’ and just staring at map like works like Tri Repetae that I thought had just seen on Dekards apartment wall in Ridleys Scotts future epic, Blade Runner and thought expletives. What is this!!!

I did rudely say to him for the first time I met him at Dublin airport “So you’re famous then!” and since that and thankfully, we laugh at the slightest inclination, we are giddy bastards, any excuse.
Recounting a disscussion on the phone about doing a discount ID for a good friend, he suggested (or maybe I suggested) that in response to the request he send a blank a4 sheet of paper to the client with a pencil included in an enclosed envelope and the following instructions “You do you’re own fucking identity” we laughed till tears and coughing on the phone for a good five minutes and it’s typical of what the conversations end up like. there’s another blog entry on my famous Massimo Vignelli intro at the Gateshead Town Hall for Helvetica, don’t ask him about that.

That’s a friend for life, a good bloke and not taking anything away from his genius I see Michael as a big hairy brother before the Jedi I know he is.
I know the love of his life Nicky would agree and with thoughts of pints, sticky fish and crying laughs next week when we go see them again in London (on Brockmann and Betty duty), it’ll flood back that friends don’t ever fade away, they just get more interesting with time.

Photo taken in the Guinness StoreHouse [Of course]

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