Bay area Sunshine

She said, “Thinking about going to Coney Island seeing as the sun is shining an’ all!” Being a non driver (my dad never had a car in his life) the treat of a drive out of Brooklyn to the coastline has only been topped by a journey through the Swiss alps one night with my good friend Stephen. Trendous fun finding the window handle and winding it down so the world cools down. You pretend to be a writer, a worldly traveller just adding to the long list of destinations in your historic life. But your actually an idiot compared to the speeding bridge of the Bay area it’s ability to block the sun out for so long whilst you size up it’s height, Your an insect in a car compared to how big it’s suspension is and then like a flash it’s gone and your side by side a Cadillac with a big man listing to bad radio.

The smell of New York gets replaced by the romance of Nathans finest hotdogs for a dollar twenty-five and you can’t wait to go back and do it all again.

Your life can be that simple.

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