Sending Letters To The Sea

There are great sounds in our time, we sometimes don’t understand or comprehend these particular sounds because they are subtle and creeping like maybe how a machine hums and drifts away after cleaning or transporting, we don’t seem to care and we don’t notice, busy and distracted, the day eventually passes by, these sounds in hindsight, unremembered, are forgotten and unimportant somehow. but they move on and leave no mark for us and sadly it’s over and we don’t know what we’ve missed.
People though if you ask them, Do they like music? will says yes and usually, drastically, politics rear up and a battle of tribal taste wages. But thats not what I’m talking about here, I’m talking about another type of music that sits inside film, or as a soundtrack to a nation of people moving away from their homes because a government made them. it’s music for paper atop water floating away and worried we wonder is that someone’s life story gone overboard. it’s heralding cries and entrance-sound to the temple we seek here. Mark Garry has made this, him and Karl Him, Nina Hynes and some new friends, it’s a set of simple overtures for remembrance, these sounds are tangible in record form so we don’t let them pass us by, we can hold onto them like songs for the end. And if the end is really that near then sending letters off on water like desperate lovers writing last words, then that may not be such a bad idea, someone will read them at some stage when they reach shore, it may take a terrible long time but better late than never.

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