Mad Man.

There’s a strange long haired man that lives in our apartment block, I think he lost the will to understand what it means to be inside a battle a long long time ago, many times I’ve seen him on the street standing amid equally strange landscapes of concrete and steel, twirling, quickly smiling to himself inside a punch-line of his own making, and just as suddenly frowning towards a closing door or a pillar or a derelict way.

He’s gone, He just stopped me on the way here and said “All i need is 11 cents” and i said for some stranger reason “I’ve spent it all on the horses” like as if i had around the corner in Paddy Powers emporium of doom, those who know, know I never gamble, it’s methodical my life, decisions taken with care and worry not madness and twisted abandon like the man before me. I say “Behave Yourself” and he’s laughing and repeating and laughing again, stood in the doorway of the home we live in on his way back to the street and his mumbling and fighting, Cigarettes and drool.

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