I forget sometimes that music was the first work i did as a photographer, it’s a thin disguise these musicians hide behind, but they do it well. I forgot the Dancing and singing for their hearts content and some are better than others, well all know that. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble have just finished in Whelans around the corner and to rapturous thunderous, mostly female applause, they’re bastard children of the Miles Davis era but up to date Chicago heads with wolf whistles for the girls outside the front door ten minutes before sound-check. They are cocksure, no guitars or slack cheesy keyboards, just Brass attack and tight as a bankers CD wallet. They are excellent at what they do, bringing an school-boy band charm into the hearts of a bored and worn out Dublin city, they lift the spirits and herald in and do their thing, it was like a religious experience but we don’t want to get into that, do we?.

Earlier before the storm, I made the mistake of getting some names wrong, the youngest with a constant hairbrush and a veteran Tuba player hold this 8 piece together like brothers in the playground, they’re on a European set of dates and in between are supporting the Gorrillaz on tour through the US, probably in awe of all these people making a fuss, a few names here and there don’t matter, they know this is business and they are well inside it for the for-seeable future, they make take the place by storm, and i don’t think that would be a bad thing except for all the missing women off our streets.

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