Lizards and Apples, the World explained.

When i can’t sleep at night it’s usually because awful thoughts wake me up, so i took the step of installing Stumble onto the iPhone amongst other essential applications, which in their own amazing way tire me out and without noticing I’m off to Noddy again, thank god, well depending on what you deem God. Whilst Stumbling away at 5 in the morning i got such a fright when i happened upoun this rendition of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Apple, it’s the strangest thing I’ve seen in a while and if you like me have been brought up on a strong dose of the Sacred Heart, eyes to heaven, heart a blazing with love for the common man, then you also like me will find this image of these reptiles mid dance beneath the tree of vast knowledge, hungry as ever and about to incur the wrath of the big Fella, you’d be as surprised as i am, there’s no end to imagery on the internet that is of one persuasion or the other, this is definitely up there and yes!, Your guess is as good as mine

Taken from a piece written by another Blooger Tim O’Brien called Whose History [definitely worth a look]

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