Ask Glen. E. Friedman

The days seem to be flying in and the weeks are blurring mid this recession time, worse for the fact that I’m in my beloved hometown Dublin, a small place where most people have abandoned helping each other out and instead have opted to take the path well travelled, sorry it’s me not you. Yes I’ll call you back in 20 minutes, I’m just in a meeting / silence.
The embarrasment of eye contact on a small city street – shit did I say hello to them last time I was out, really drunk, really stupid. Then again most times we just keep going, we couldn’t be bothered to speak, you obviously said something they didn’t want to hear, nobody wants to be witness to the sad story, or you rubbed them up the wrong way during a heated chat, one gang member less, lies, avoidance, blanked on the street.

Amid this mass confusion some of us are looking to more experienced individuals who have set by a standard of work that does not let you down or seem to compromise when the times are too tough.
Voiciferous and extremely steadfast on his vegan principles, photographer, blogger, father and New Yorker, Glen E Friedman has been a part of my photographic education whether it was my choice or not. He was just there looming like a monument that people would talk about if you came to their town.

I grew up inside music, my eyes closed to the sound and crackle of records going around on turntables from places I couldn’t even pronounce, Friedman was actually there shooting the Beastie Boys, Run DMC, Fugazi, Black Flag, Minor Threat and every skater worth their salt, he was lucky, he knew where to go and who to ask, he got the shots and built a modern day American catalogue that is breathtaking and yet loses none of it’s originality and anger, point of view and purpose. I might be coming across as a bit referential but it’s just respect even though inside I’m really pissed off at him, he was there, he made it happen.
I know very well from the couple of conversations we’ve had that he may have those answers I need for getting through this small town time, I think he may have seen it all before with his seemingly endless experience in abundance and with that possibly a few kind honest words about how to deal with the changing world.

With luck he might help me with some well needed answers to those long overdue nasty questions, maybe behind all those photo shoots theres conversations and knowledge where he too was given the answers, I’ll ask him over soup in Cornucopia when he gets here in July, see what reaction I get, I bet they’ll be positive if not interesting.

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