You Are Beautiful

No I’m not, I’m kind of sad and feeling very reclusive today, I called my local shop and barely got the question out “Can you send round my usual list” the older lady on the phone seems to understand my situation. Last time I went out someone pushed me to the ground and a child not more than 15 stole my bag, I can’t go out, not for a while yet. My son has stopped coming around after a nasty arguement we had about money and it’s been a while since I checked my bank balance.

Alright I’m a bit older than I think I am and the world is drifting out to sea on me but I found a bag of books under the stairs that I forgot about and I think I’ll start on them after a packet of biscuits and tea.
Then again I might wait till they’ve finished putting up a new billboard across the street from the house, the drills were out at 9 this morning, assholes.

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