Dirty Heavy

On the ground floor and inside the well worn South William sound system (it’s a haunt well known for it’s eclectic crowd and music policy) the Elbow room boys Ben Custerson, Luke Millington and tall Tom Banning all dons of their own selection in very heavy dj bags are swaying side to side to re-edits, cuts of electronic hip-hop and nasty funk house. It’s a bank holiday in Dublin and the city is half full but they have a decent crowd reeling to and fro to their relay sound. There was Jamaican Patties from London too, Beers and tunes in the smoking area, I seen a manager in a suit with a walking stick and the girls didn’t stop shaking till the guys behind the bar said No.
I forget what it’s like to be a dj sometimes and I’m eternally grateful to the boys at Elbow room for reminding me. Electric Avenue.

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