Choice words.

Beyond the KCR and near enough to the mountains of Dublin city, Mark Murphy hasn’t settled in. It’s his home alright but strangely he doesn’t spend much time here and when he is here it’s certainly not sitting in front of a plasma TV. No, the decks are set up in the kitchen dining area like it was an ambition of his to have decks set up in the kitchen, like one time he asked his Mom “Could i set up my decks In the kitchen today” and she just laughed at him, it was probably the first thing he did when he moved in. Bet there was a wry smile when the amp went on for the first time, all Dj’s smile when the amp works for the first time.

Mark Murphy and Loughlin have been working for 6 years on one sheet of paper that had 4-5 goals listed on it, the Choice Cuts bucket list. They wanted a music organisation that worked with established names and yet foster young dj’s and new acts so that both worlds got covered, they became a media organisation of sorts covering all aspects of the process when it came to a look, be it video interviews, a custom made website, design and a very hands on approached to work and how it should be, their hard nosed booking policy of only working with the best and most inspirational stands for a lot more than just making dollars, it’s about quality nights and memories of shows.

He himself started slowly, being a dj always playing excellent quality Hip-hop, Funk, ‘Blending’ Soul, Reggae and nothing from chart shows on sadly mistaken music TV stations. Working hard building relationships but now counts Candi Staton, the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Quantic (who is remixing a new single of a larger EP he’s releasing) B+ and many others as close friends in the business, but rightly so he won’t suffer fools along the way.

There is a west coast calm to Murphy’s workrate and a decent chat about the lack of craft in new ways gets him animated for the first time in the kitchen, mid shoot. If you’re not on top form he’s a good guy to talk to, he’ll set you straight with simple solutions to what he thinks are simple problems.
But all this seems to sound like he has a motivational speaker complex which couldn’t be further from the truth. Modesty stops him from being completely happy about getting his shot taken, which makes the day a challenge. “Do you trust me” i say trying to get him into an awkward interesting situation involving a large hedge down the end of the garden, he says very little and it’s hilarious, the expression on his face, working like this could be considered a bit too much attention for one afternoon, Finish the smoke and time to get back to work. There’s a couple of things still on that list.

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